step by step credit card update instructions on Demosphere.


Please Note: This is something that only a Household Administrator can do. 

1. Log into your household.




2.Select the "My Household Information" tab under "My Profile Information."




3. At the bottom select the "View My Household Info" tab




4. Now select the Registration Order History tab.




5. Select the Order date you are wanting to update. This is a very important step if you have
 multiple registrations on the same date. BE SURE YOU ARE UPDATING THE CORRECT ONE!




6. Select the New Credit Card type by clicking on the Card Logo. Then fill out the rest of the information as is listed on the 
new card. Then select Save. Verify the information was saved in the Order Overview, if it is not then go back and re-enter it. 



***Please note, if the user has a failed installment payment the user will need to click on "Pay with CC" to make the missed installment payment. Then they will also need to click on "Update info for remaining Order Installments" to have their new credit card information updated in the system.