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WHAT KIND OF Club Is VA Hammers F C . . .

We are an academy style, developmental travel program. What this means is our training is done by age groups, as opposed to being split by teams. Some of our age groups have multiple teams, but they all train together.

Our focus is on skills and development, not just results and rankings. If you are coming from other clubs in the area, this may be an adjustment for you. We feel it creates better athletes in the long run and results will come with great training.

This doesn’t mean that our club isn’t competitive. We still reward kids based on merit and there are situations where a player’s development can only be improved by moving them up to a more challenging age level.

We also try and keep our tournaments and friendlies local or with in a two hour driving distance as to not put the financial and logistical strain on families. Northern Virginia is a hotbed of skilled soccer clubs and we don’t feel that we need to travel a great distance to find quality opponents. We will most likely have one tournament for the older kids that is further away to still give them the travel experience as it is fun for the kids and families to do once in a while.


For the most part we do not play in any leagues however we do have a few teams that are affiliated with our partner club Sterling Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) that participate in leagues to help SYSA satisfy a need. Generally in that case the league will take place of some of the allotted tournaments.


The first step in joining the Evergreen Family would be to register your child for one of our tryouts generally held in the spring and fall. If you happen to miss a tryout simply contact us via the form below and we can set up an individual evaluation. Which will generally be during one of our training sessions.

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Registering anD Becoming a member



You will be sent several links to get your player setup.

1) Demosphere: this is where you will register your player and pay for your membership. You may also receive club wide emails from demo sphere as well. Almost all soccer related registrations will be setup and done through demo sphere. Instructions for setting up a new account or changing payment on an existing can be found by clicking here.

2) TeamSnap: This is how Evergreen FC handles most of its day to day communications between coaches and parents as well as general club info. Shortly after you have registered on Demosphere, you will receive an email inviting you to TeamSnap. You will setup your account and have access to the team that you are on. TeamSnap is a very powerful tool when it comes to communication, availability, etc. and we encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with it. It is mandatory that an account be setup prior to the start of a players training.

3)Admiral: We are fortunate to have a relationship with Admiral apparel as our uniform supplier. Once registered we will enter your players info into Admirals system and you can visit http://admiral.axissoccer.com/microsite?id=evergreenfc2016 to Evergreen FC’s Online Store. Admiral handles all fulfillments of our uniforms and other Admiral products. You simply choose the mandatory kit for your child and select the roster they are on and their name from the dropdown menu and select sizes.

We do recommend that you stop at the park 1) get your player sized and 2) receive a loaner kit for training and/or games as uniforms may take four weeks to deliver. Don’t forget that there is plenty of Evergreen FC swag on the store for parents and siblings as well!!!

You can click here and find the time and training for your players age group.

Who will be my players coach? . . .

While we try and keep a consistency in our coaches, please understand that we are still in a transitional period and they may shift a bit. One night a week will be circuit training and give all the players a chance to get training from all the coaches through different training stations. We feel this gives the players a chance to learn specific skills that the coaches are strongest in and further push our philosophy of “Club First” by all the players getting familiar with all of our coaching staff.

What if I don’t have a uniform for an upcoming game or tournament? . . .

We have loaners available for new players or a player who gets moved up and has a conflicting number? They can be coordinated with the coach or with Tony Canonico to check out. If you are a new player they are welcome to hang on to them until their uniform is delivered. Someone checking them out for a single game or tournament, we asked that they be washed and returned at the next training session after the event as concluded. Contact Tony at tony@evergreensportsplex.com.

What tournaments will we play in? . . .

As a tournament club, five to seven tournaments are included in your membership fee. This will be a combination of Evergreen hosted tournaments as well as outside tournaments. We also try and keep our tournaments local or within a two hour driving distance as to not put the financial and logistical strain on families. Northern Virginia is a hotbed of skilled soccer clubs and we don’t feel that we need to travel a great distance to find quality opponents. We will most likely have one tournament for the older kids that is further away to still give them the travel experience as it is fun for the kids and families to do once in a while.

Will there be any other games? . . .

We understand that our structure may be new to some families who are used to playing in leagues. We understand that many of you want to see your kids out on the field playing and it is important to us also. Although skills training and fundamentals are our main focus for the long term your players journey, it is still important for us to see the players in game situations to gauge their development.

To complement our tournament schedule we will actively be working with other clubs to arrange friendlies on a fairly regular basis as well as inter-squad scrimmages.

What Uniform should your player be wearing? . . .

Our brand is very important to us and we are very happy with how our uniforms turned out. We do have an arrangement with Admiral on apparel and ask that all players train in the Admiral gear purchased in the mandatory kit. We understand that the rigors of the week and three days of training take a toll on the uniforms and the ability to get laundry done, but we feel with what you get and how we have it planned that every player should be able to wear their training gear without issue.

We also don’t want to be the stickler club and want our environment to be a fun one. If kids want to wear crazy socks or something fun, we will allow the coaches to make the decision for their team whether that is acceptable or not.

The Kit breakdown-

Home - black and green gradient sublimated jersey, black sublimated short, green sock

Away - grey jersey, solid black short, green or black sock (coaches discretion for games, training either works) this will also be the kit worn for Wednesday night training.

Training - black and white jersey, white shorts, green or black socks (coach’s discretion for games, training either works)

Click here to see the kits

What if I have a question about my players playing time? . . .

We have a 48 hour policy after tournament weekends and/or individual match. If you have a question about this, we ask that you wait 48 hours and either request to meet with a coach or administrator or send an email. This allows coaches to fully review the match or tournament and allows the parent to collect their thoughts and have a more rational discussion about the concerns.

Is there an expectant code parent code of conduct? . . .

We absolutely expect every parent/family member of Evergreen to represent the club with nothing but the upmost respect for opponents, opponent’s families, teammates, teammate’s families, coaches and probably most importantly referees.

We understand that things get competitive but the most important thing is the player’s safety, development, and fun. Parents who are a disruption and/or are inappropriate at an Evergreen event will be kindly asked to leave the event with a possible ban from other events and even possibly asked to leave the club. In the long run the only one this behavior affects is the player and we ask that if there is an issue, please formally address a coach or administrator.

Items that will not be tolerated: Verbally or physically assaulting anyone at a match or event, cursing and/or repeated yelling that distracts the players or referees from a match, questioning a coaches or referees decision during or immediately after play and any and all actions that will put the integrity of the club into question.

What if I have an issue with something off the field? . . .

Any off the field questions can be directed to the proper admin for said question.

Mo Sheta - General club & Financial questions mo.sheta@evergreenfc.us

Chris Bourassa - General club & Financial questions chris@evergreensportsplex.com

Tony Canonico - Uniform, Branding, Web, Tech tony@evergreensportsplex.com

Carolyn Dobson – Marketing, Events, Partnerships & Club Sponsorships Carolyn@evergreensportsplex.com

Ian Bishop/ Technical Director - Club Philosophy & Training ian.bishop@evergreenfc.us

James Meara / Boys Coordinator - Boys Program & Skills james.meara@evergreenfc.us

Grady Renfrow/ Girls Coordinator - Girls Program & Fitness grady.renfrow@evergreenfc.us

What if I am not receiving emails? . . .

The first step is to make sure that you check your spam and double check which email you used during the registration process. If you are not receiving emails that are club wide with TeamSnap or want to make sure your spouse is, please can go under your account and make any users “Household admin” and they should start receiving communications after that point. If you are not receiving emails through TeamSnap please contact tony@evergreensportsplex.com or aj.sheta@evergreenfc.us.

What if I we are going to miss practice? . . .

TeamSnap is a great tool and its our clubs primary form of communication. It is why we are making it mandatory moving forward. Players have the ability to provide availability right in the application for every event in the schedule including practices.

We understand the scheduling issues for families especially with multiple kids and now that it may sometimes be a challenge to make all three training sessions. We also know that kids may be playing other sports or playing for their schools in the spring and just ask that you use TeamSnap or email coaches to make them aware if your player will be missing a practice.

There is no penalty for not being at training, but it does disrupt other kids if it is going to be a regular occurrence. If for some reason there will be something long term that will regularly cause your player to miss training or games please contact the admin so we can figure out a solution to best fit your situation.

What if my child is falling behind on their grades and I have to pull them?. . .

Here at Evergreen our main goal is to further the development of your children as players and as contributing members of the community. Education will always take priority over our program. While we don’t currently have a minimum grade requirement and leave it to the parent’s discretion, we completely support the decision being made to pull them if grades are slipping. If it is something that may be long term to correct then please contact the admin to figure out a solution. Our offices in the lower level of the pavilion can also be used for our players to complete homework or study, if that needs to be done prior to training. We want the kids to feel comfortable working on those things here and that we have the space for it if needed. A tutoring program is being developed and anticipated launch is Fall 2017.

What do you do in the winter? . . .

We train all year round even into the winter months. Evergreen keeps the fields clear the best they can when there is snow. So, generally our only restrictions are the temperature. Usually when the temperature drops below freezing and it is overcast and windy we will cancel training. This is on a case by case basis, so plan on training unless you hear otherwise.

We do break from the second week in December thru middle of February. During that time we encourage players who want to keep training to sign up for our Performance Training and/or Futsal Programs. Others we understand play other sports or would just prefer a break. All are supported by the club. You can find more about that here.

We hope that this has helped answer some of your questions please feel free to contact us as well.