HAMMERS FC is committed to offering its players the highest quality program in the greater DC Metro area while at a competitive price. HAMMERS FC strives to provide an affordable experience for all players. HAMMERS FC is dedicated to transparency with estimated per player costs sent to each player with official HAMMERS FC Travel invitations. 

All fees will be paid online via our registration system.Travel Player Fees can be paid in full or in installments of 3 or 5. Requests for non-online payments will be handled on an individual basis and will be the exception, not the norm.  

2019-2020 Travel Player Fee Break Down


Travel Player Fees Include the following items

· Fall & Spring – 3 Training Sessions per Week

· Winter – 2 Training Sessions Per Week

· Winter Programs – Winter Futsal

· Winter Program Functional Movement

· Up to 4 Team Tournaments

· Coach Compensation Including all Payroll Taxes and Processing

· League Membership and Fees


· Referee Fees

· Risk Management Background Check Fees

· Technical Staff Support

· Operations Staff Support (Travel Program Administrators, Finance)

· Club Administrative Support

· Financial Assistance Program Costs

· Coach Travel Tournament Reimbursement

· Team Training Gear (pinnies, cones, flags etc.)

· Club Insurance

· TeamSnap Club Account

Club Fees paid on separate account:

  • Practice Field Fee (Evergreen Sportsplex)

  • CYA Travel Fee- Fall and Spring

 Total Travel Player Fee: $1,600-$1,800 (Based on number of players)

 - Uniform Expenses: Families pay uniform costs directly to our vendor. Estimated cost for players is $75