Evergreen FC



Click on the Login button on the Registration Center Page

Step 1: to create a new account click the green +Create Your New User Account button

Step 2: Either sign in with your Facebook Login or Option 2 is Create your Account Manually (this is the selection we are going over here)

Step 3: Fill out the fields, please note if you are a parent of a player then you put your First Name and Last Name, your email address, the Password requires one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number, after you complete all the fields you will click the Create New Account button

Step 4: Then you will appear at the Registration Step 1.1 Welcome!, read over the message and then click Continue at the bottom right

Step 5: Registration Step 1.2 - Household Information, fill in your address, city, state and zip, please put in a cell phone number and select to receive Text Messages (we will in the future utilize the text message feature more), then click Save and Continue

Step 6: Registration Step 2.1 - Identify Registrant - if you are signing up yourself then you can just click Save and Continue, BUT if you are signing up your child please click the Create New Member selection

Step 7: Please enter your childs First Name, Last Name, Birth Date, Email Address (if they have one) and Cell Phone number (if they have one), select Gender, then click Save and Continue

Step 8: Registration Step 2.2 - Select Season, please use the pull down menu to show you the open programs/seasons that are available to your child, only the ones that are age appropriate will appear

Step 9: Registration Step 2.2 - Select Season - now you select the Season Grouping, you can click on the pulldown menu, alot of times there will be only one choice, make the choice and click Continue 

Step 10: Registration Step 2.3 - Registration Form, this step will be different for each program/season, sometimes there is no form and you will just go to the next step, other times there will be a form to fill out, simply fill out the form and hit Save and Continue

Step 11: Registration Step 2.4 - Review Registration, this step is just a review of the registration, if you need to edit hit the Back/Edit button, if not then hit the Continue button

Step 12: Registration Step 2.5 - Season Waiver, please read over the Season Waiver, it can be different for each program/season, you will be held to them and the other terms and conditions on the waiver.  When you have read and agree to the terms and conditions please click the checkbox at the lower left and then you can click on the Agree and Continue button on the lower right to continue:

Step 13: Registration Step 3.1 - Register Another, if you have another registration to do you can click Yes, Begin Next Registration, if not then click No, Proceed to Next Step (for these instructions we will say No, Proceed to Next Step):

Step 14: Registration Step 4.1 - Donation Options, if you would like to donate to our Scholarship Programs, this is where you do it, afterwards click the Save and Continue button.

Step 15: Registration Step 5.1 - Review Order, you revied your entire order, you can either click Regiter Another or Proceed to Checkout

Step 16: Registration Step 6.1 - Make Payment, this is where you make a payment, payments can be made by Credit card or mailing in a check, in this example we are registering for a travel tryout which is free, click the Submit Order button when done

Step 17: Registration Step 6.2 - Order Confirmation, you can View and Print your receipt or Finish and Return to Dashboard

You are done now...you can click the "My Profile Dashboard" at the top and go to your household information where you can register for other programs, update your household information and add members to your household.