Evergreen FC



Step 1: Go to Login Screen (please login with your existing account)

Step 2: Your account dashboard will appear, click on the My Household Information Tab

Step 3: Click on the button that is called Begin Public Registration Process

Step 4: Registration Step 1.1: Welcome, read the information and scroll to the bottom and click Continue

Step 5: Registration Step 1.2 - Household Information, here you can update your household information and/or click Save and Continue

Step 6: Registration Step 1.3 - Select Order Item, select you want to either Register a Participant, Register a Volunteer or Make a Donation (for this example we are selecting Register a Participant)

Step 7: Registration Step 2.1 - Identify Participant, here you select your existing member (for this example the child is already in the system) or you can create a new member.  For this example we are selecting an existing Member and then clicking on Save and Continue

Step 8: Registration Step 2.2 - Select Season, here you use the pull down menu to select the season or program that you want to register your child or yourself for, for this example we are selecting United Travel Program

Step 9: Registration Step 2.2 - Select Season, this portion of this step is to select a grouping, sometimes it will give you choices and sometimes you will not have a choice and only one item to select, after selecting hit Continue

Step 10: Registration Step 2.3 - Registration Form, you need to finish this form completely and then click on Save and Continue

Step 11: Registration Step 2.4 - Season Waiver, you must agree to this page and then click Agree and Continue

Step 12: Registration Step 2.5 - Volunteer Options, if you are a team manager or are volunteering for a coach position you can do it on this step, but for this example we are not volunteering, click the I do not wish to volunteer at this time and then hit Save and Continue

Step 13: Registration Step 2.6 - Review Registration, here you can review what you have done so far, click Save and Continue when done

Step 14: Registration Step 3.1 - Register Another, here you can register another participant or a volunteer, for this example we are clicking No, Proceed to Next Step

Step 15: Registration Step 4.1 - Donation Options, here you can make a donation for this example we are not, make sure No donation at this time is selected and click Save and Continue

Step 16: Registration Step 5.1 - Review Order, here you can review your order and if the option appears select to pay in installments, only Travel programs are allowed to pay in installments and also require a credit card or debit card to process.

Step 17: Registration Step 5.1 - Review Order, here is what it looks like in this example when you click the installment payments, when done click Proceed to Checkout

Step 18: Registration Step 5.2 - Make Payment, here you enter your card information, if you choose to pay by check or cash that is fine but your screen will change to a full payment, make sure you click Submit Order when you are done, and then your registration is finished, if you selected check or cash payment your registration isn't active until that payment is made.


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