Our goal for VA Hammers FC is to create an environment in which everyone involved from the ground up is an integral part of our club. Coaches identify with every player who wears our club jersey and take a vested interest in their progress and development.

It is our belief that players need to hear different voices and incorporate different qualities of the coaching staff. We feel that this is essential to player development. 

Players will advance each year to a new challenge providing an opportunity to display the skills they have learned to their new respective coaches. The structure will also alleviate “these are my players” attitude, which a lot of coaches today use as leverage against their clubs. In our opinion, this is to the detriment of the player.

For the success of Evergreen FC, we have created an environment that recruits the best coaches, dedicated to the success of the players and the club. We offer our players the expertise of the entire coaching staff to ensure that they receive a complete soccer education; as each of the staff will bring something different to each athlete.

Players register with their appropriate age and are evaluated, if warranted, they may play at a higher level based on ability; this is beneficial to individual player development to ensure they maximize their full potential. It is our responsibility not to hold any player back for the benefit of any particular team, or coach, if their ability warrants otherwise. 

We promote a unity within the club, expressed in a number of ways. We attend a specific number of tournaments as a club by taking multiple teams to show support away from our home fields. This emphasizes our ‘club’ philosophy and coaches get the opportunity to see players of other ages. This also provides players with the chance to recognize the coaches that they may play under in the future.

Each year, we host coaching education clinics and player camps with the emphasis on player development and identification for opportunities to train in professional academies throughout the USA and Europe. We have access to multiple professional academies and we look to encourage both coach and player development via these opportunities to grow their skills to the highest level. This will provide the opportunity for players to be assessed by professional academies, and play against the top players in their age groups. The players will get a firsthand insight to how much work goes in to their development, and the standards that are needed to achieve success at the highest level.

Evergreen FC also provides a management team with consultants for all of the players who do make that leap into professional soccer environment. Evergreen FC has teamed up with Blue Moon International, a sports management company owned by both our Technical Director and our Boys DOC, so the experience does not end after you leave the club for bigger and better things. Players who do succeed in reaching this level can only help to grow our club program, and this is the final piece in achieving the long term goals and sustainability for our organization.

BMI will also look to reach out to other likeminded clubs in the area to structure an Elite program. This will comprise of players that are excelling at their club, and are ready to be tested at the next level. This opportunity will be available to any player who participates with one of the affiliated clubs, and wishes to take advantage of a higher intensity training program. The training schedule will not conflict with your regular club schedule, or club tournaments.

Evergreen FC has raised the bar and changing the mentality of youth soccer here in the United States and beyond. We designed and implemented our program to the highest professional standard in order to ensure the development of top class soccer players as well as develop community leaders.

We also look to help instill into your players a sense of pride, and loyalty to their club and program. Our aim is to create an environment that is a total contrast to the ‘club hopping’ culture that currently exists. Evergreen FC has the capacity to meet every player’s goals, boys and girls, from the junior level, up to collegiate and the professional ranks. 

Our connections at every level of the game are endless and span an extensive list of Colleges, USL Pro and NASL, MLS, English Premier League, Europe, and also South America. The highest level players will be assured of maximum exposure to all of our connections in the hope that one day they can achieve their goals and aspirations. 

Our club has an array of talented coaching staff to ensure that the players receive the best platform for success. We also want to ensure that opportunities do not go unnoticed, as we continue to build our network of top professional clubs and colleges. These partnerships cannot be matched at this level anywhere in the United States, and is something in which we take great pride. 

We are unique. We are Evergreen FC. 

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